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BASCOL partners for the third year with National Inclusion Project - Let's ALL Play program!


Click on logo below to watch National Inclusion Project Video - What Are You Waiting For


BASCOL staff received training in the fundamentals of inclusion from the National Inclusion Project's, Aron Hall, Director of Programs.


Topics included:

• Definition of Inclusion = includes ALL children, NOT just those with disabilities. 
        o Everyone Participates <> Everyone Belongs
• Statements of Beliefs – 
        o Every child can make friends 
        o Every child can participate 
        o Every child can be successful
• Everyone Benefits from inclusion
• What makes a successful atmosphere
• Making activities accessible
• Serving families

The training was very informative and beneficial for BASCOL Staff. BASCOL looks forward to implementing the information gained from this training at our program for the second year.


Click here to read more about the National Inclusion Program.

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What Our Parents Think About Us

"I can't say enough positive things about Mr. Joe and his staff at SHE. They understand the kids, give them room to be kids after a long structured day at school, make them feel like part of the program all while providing a safe, fun, interesting and nurturing environment for the kids to gear up for school in the morning and unwind in the afternoon."