Remote Learning Programs

BASCOL Provides Supervision and Enriching Activities during Remote Learning Days


When your child has remote learning days...


Full Day Remote Learning Programs are currently being held at St. Ann’s School in Syracuse, Millard Hawk Elementary in Central Square and at New Life Church in Liverpool starting on December 14th!


BASCOL will provide your child the time and space they need to complete their online schoolwork.  BASCOL staff will be able to provide some guidance during the remote learning time, but we are not certified for teaching lessons or monitoring student progress.  (*See OCFS Regulations below)


Full days will be a combination of virtual learning time and the engaging recreational activities that are part of our BASCOL program.  They may include free play, movement, games, crafts, and other activities planned by our caring and experienced staff.


BASCOL is proud that we have offered school age child care for more than 27 years, and we have remained open during the COVID-19 crisis, following all guidance from Office of Children and Family Services, the CDC and the Department of Health.


The following are some of the precautions we are currently taking to keep children, parents, and staff safe and healthy:

  • Staff and participants engage in daily health screenings
  • Staff wear face coverings at all times while in program
  • Children wear face coverings while in program
  • Stable groups of children and staff are maintained as much as possible
  • Materials and toys are used only by each stable group
  • Staff engage in enhanced cleaning of program areas and materials
  • Children and staff engage in increased hand washing

We continue to monitor guidance on best practices to ensure we are meeting and often times, exceeding all requirements.


BASCOL provides a nutritious morning and afternoon snack while children enjoy conversation with their friends.  Parents/Guardians pack a lunch for their child.


*The Office of Children and Family Services (OCFS) adopted emergency regulations on September 2, 2020, that outlines what our regulated program can provide and what the parents/guardians’ roles are for this initiative.

The following is from the emergency regulations adopted by OCFS:


How might remote learning impact my program?

Introducing remote learning into a child care program changes the dynamics for both the children and the provider. To ensure a successful transition for everyone, OCFS encourages programs to develop agreements with families regarding remote learning roles and responsibilities. Such forms or agreements are voluntary and will not be collected by OCFS. When developing an agreement with families, remember that child care programs must remain in compliance with all applicable OCFS regulations.


Child Care Program Role

The care and supervision of children remains the primary role of the child care provider.

• Programs may choose to support remote learning opportunities by helping to facilitate a school-age child’s participation in remote learning. This may include creating a work space where a child can engage in school work while under supervision, ensuring the child is able to log on to virtual sessions and has internet access, and helping to remind a child, to the extent practicable, to attend to the lesson.

• Children participating in remote learning cannot be isolated from the program and must be supervised per regulation.

• Child care providers are not tutors or classroom teachers and are not expected to serve in that capacity. The parent or guardian is responsible for addressing their concerns about the child’s academic progress with the child’s school.

• The program will share information about its internet and technological capacity with parent/guardian. It is at the discretion of the child care provider whether to support remote learning.

• Remote learning is considered an educational learning objective, therefore electronic visual media devices may be used for this purpose.

• Remote learning that causes a distraction to the provider such that it impacts the quality of care provider will not be allowed to continue.


Parent/Guardian Responsibilities

• Parent/guardian is responsible for providing all materials needed for the child to participate in remote learning. This includes, but is not limited to, a laptop/tablet, books, assignments and log-in credentials.

• Parent/guardian will provide the child care program the schedule for remote learning, including what time children are expected to log on, etc.

• Parent/guardian will discuss the program’s technological capacity (e.g., internet access, etc.) before beginning remote learning.

• Parent/guardian is responsible for addressing concerns about a child’s academic performance with the K-12 school teacher, not the child care provider. The parent/guardian is the point of contact for the school for all matters concerning the child’s education.


The parent/guardian will discuss expectations of remote learning with child (e.g., this may include not playing computer games, and not using the computer inappropriately).

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