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Here is a list of BASCOL Forms


Registration Forms

2017-2018 School Year Registration Packet

2017-2018 Main Street School Registration Packet

Summer 2018 Registration Packet - Liverpool & St. Ann's

Summer 2018 Registration Packet - Central Square

2018-2019 School Year Registration Packet


Special Needs and Medication Forms

Special Health Care Plan

Medication Consent Form

One Day Verbal Medication Consent Form

Topical Medication Consent Form

Allergy Action Health Care Plan

Asthma Action Health Care Plan


Schedule Change Forms

Change of Enrollment Form

Additional Attendance Form


Misc. Forms

Change of Information Form

Credit Card Payment Authorization Form

Child Permission to Attend Extra Curricular School Activity



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What Our Parents Think About Us

"Thank you for the prior ten years of service you have given both of my children,  there have been many kind and loving person that I believe has been a shining star at the BASCOL Office is Ann, she is both extremely professional and very kind and other person I would like to verbally thank is Ms. Debbie at Longbranch.  Thank you to ALL!!!"