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Before and After School
Child Care on Location, Inc.


BASCOL Provides Fun Activities and Supervision Before and After School


When your child arrives in the morning...


Children will be greeted and offered a variety of choices such as creative art, cooperative group games, maniplulative play, social experiences and the opportunity to enjoy the morning in a relaxed and positive environment.  BASCOL also provides a nutritious morning snack.


At the end of your child's day...


Upon arrival children are greeted and attendance is taken.  Children begin their afternoon with a group meeting to discover what activities will be happening at BASCOL that afternoon.  This will provide them with the opportunity to share personal experience with their friends in a social setting.  BASCOL provides a nutritious afternoon snack while children enjoy conversation with their friends.


Afternoon BASCOL offers children a variety of choices and experiences in art, sciences, cooperative group games and physical activities.


*Please see individual site location pages for more specific information 

BASCOL at A.A. Cole Writing Contest Winner with friends 2017
BASCOL at A.A. Cole Writing Contest Winner with friends 2017
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What Our Parents Think About Us

"It was a relief to know we never need to have a "Plan B". BASCOL will always be open. BASCOL is safe, fun and reliable. Our daughter enjoys the staff and activities. As her parents, we are grateful to have such capable staff that truly care for their students. We are also very thankful to have dependable child care. It makes a huge difference to know we can count on BASCOL each and every day."