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SHO Plus Program
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School Holidays and Occasional Days

There are many days during the school year when regular school hours are altered. That is why BASCOL created the SHO Plus program. SHO Plus is a program that will accommodate those families who only need child care for school holidays, half days, vacation days, snow days and any other time normal school hours/days are altered.

Your child can attend an occasional morning or afternoon session
An occasional attendance at an AM or PM session may be possible if space is available at your site and prior arrangements have been made through the BASCOL office.

Children from different school districts can enroll
Any child in grades K-6 may enroll in the SHO Plus program regardless of the school district or school your child regularly attends. You can choose the BASCOL location nearest to you. Care is available based upon the site's school calendar.


Full Day Program 

BASCOL operates four full day sites when school is not in session. The 2016-2017 full day sites are at Nate Perry Elementary and Morgan Road Elementary in Liverpool, St. Ann's School in Syracuse and Central Square Intermediate School in Central Square.

Program Hours
BASCOL operates from 6:30 AM until 6:00 PM when school is not in session.

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"Miss Mallory is such a great staff member, she is always so kind and helpful and i feel that she truly cares about the kids."