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BASCOL Allergy & Anaphylaxis Policy


BASCOL will require parent/guardians and health care practitioner to complete the OCFS-6029 Individual Allergy and Anaphylaxis Emergency Plan for any child with a known diagnosed allergy. The provider must work with the parent/guardian and the child’s health care practitioner to develop written instructions outlining what the child is allergic to, prevention strategies, and steps that must be taken if the child is exposed to a known allergen or is showing symptoms of exposure. The plan must be reviewed upon admission to the childcare program, annually thereafter, anytime there are staff or volunteer changes, and/or anytime information regarding the child’s allergy or treatment changes.   Please note that each allergen must be listed in a separate box. If needed attach additional pages.  The Individual Health Care Plan for a Child with Special Health Care Needs, Form LDSS-7006 must be attached to the child’s OCFS-6029 form as well.


If medications are needed at the program in case of a reaction, the separate (OCFS-7002) Medication Consent Form, which includes all the information required by NYS regulations, will need to be completed in order to be able to administer children medication during program hours.


This requirement not only includes allergies to foods but also allergies to medications, seasonal allergies, dogs and cats, etc. as well. 


For more information pertaining to Allergy Testing, please refer to the below links provided by our OCFS Health Care Consultant. 




BASCOL will review the Allergy and Anaphylaxis policy and health care plan with staff annually and upon hire with new staff during their initial orientation process. 


BASCOL staff will also be required to complete an OCFS approved training that provides information about common allergies and ways to avoid exposure to prevent reactions. The training will also discuss the signs and symptoms of allergic reactions. 


Please be sure to notify the BASCOL office if your child gets diagnosed with any new allergies, so we can put the required plans in place. Any questions, please contact the BASCOL office at 315-622-4815.

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